Monday, November 24, 2014

10 Easy Non-Technical Secrets to Taking Better Photos Secrets 02

10 Easy Non-Technical Secrets to Taking Better Photos

My goal was to produce a book that would be as useful for iPhone photographers as it is for people who buy point-and-shoots or expensive DSLRs .
For years I'd ben alienated by photo advice books: compilations of dry basement-geek obsessions with gear, pixels, lenses and such.
Then I met George. George is the guy you can hand your point-and-shoot camera to and he'll take a better picture than you just took with exactly the same camera 60 seconds ago. A picture of the same person you just shot. Without adjusting anything on the camera.


2.    Shoot the moment, not the subject.

George feels photographers spend too much time composing and arranging shots, not enough feeling what's going on and flowing along with it. Life is a series of moments, not images. He shoots in-between moments as well as moments that, as with this vacation shot from a European bathroom, will be a mystery to anyone who wasn't there.

Stay tune to secrets 03 next week...
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