Monday, November 17, 2014

10 Easy Non-Technical Secrets to Taking Better Photos Secrets 01

My goal was to produce a book that would be as useful for iPhone photographers as it is for people who buy point-and-shoots or expensive DSLRs .
For years I'd ben alienated by photo advice books: compilations of dry basement-geek obsessions with gear, pixels, lenses and such.
Then I met George. George is the guy you can hand your point-and-shoot camera to and he'll take a better picture than you just took with exactly the same camera 60 seconds ago. A picture of the same person you just shot. Without adjusting anything on the camera.

How did he do this?

Partly it's that he's taken a billion pictures since taking up his first camera as a kid in Pittsburgh. But set that aside: The breakthrough for me came when I realized that taking better pictures is not about technique at all, but about imitating the behavior of George. What does he do to get those better pictures? Turns out there a lot of simple tips that have little to do with cameras or even experience.
These ideas emerged from my observations. Practically the only thing George shoots is people. So these tips are about shooting people: the people you most care about.

Secrets 01

1.Get physically close.

George almost never uses a zoom lens. He violates personal space with his warmth and enthusiasm. Often, he holds the hand of people he's shooting. This can seem hard at first, but most people like to be photographed if they perceive it as warm, genuine personal attention.

Stay tune to secrets 02 next week...

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